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Offshore and Nearshore Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical investigation in all types of soil and rock

Geotechnical Consulting and Designing

Instrumentation and Monitoring

Onshore Geotechnical Investigation


Company Biography

Geotechnical engineering deals with soil and rock mechanics, slope and excavation stabilization, construction of foundations and structures, and soil improvement. Geotechnical engineers design structures such as dams, earth fills, foundations, soil piles, nailing and anchorage systems, tunnels and other offshore and onshore structures. They also evaluate geotechnical hazard of earthquake (seismic evaluation), land slide, excessive settlement and liquefaction. Geotechnical studies including onshore, near shore and offshore drilling, laboratory and in- situ soil and rock tests and numerical methods leading to soil improvement, slope stabilization, designing of foundation reinforcement system, shallow and deep foundation (piles and micro piles), stone column, nailing, anchorage and drainage systems. Baran Geotechnics have been founded in order to conduct all technical services, investigational operations and geotechnical surveys. Ability to perform near shore and offshore geotechnical surveys, is the special excellence of Baran Geotechnics. Baran Geotechnics has the certificate of competence for geotechnical consulting services (1st grade ) from Management and Planning Organization and the certificate of technical and laboratory services in the geotechnical and concrete field from Ministry of Roads & Urban Development. Baran Geotechnics conducts soil laboratory tests, soil improvement, onshore, near shore and offshore geotechnical surveys, engineering geology, excavation stabilization, nailing, anchorage, micropile, jet grouting, stone column, deep soil mixing, vibro-compaction and designs, manufactures and repairs drilling rigs and equipment.


Designing a perspective for a company group is one of most essential roles of a manager. Nowadays having a prospect is very common for all companies, and it’s hard to find an international company without such a long-term prospect. Future analysis and preparation for confrontation with changes, is one of the most usual mechanisms of the companies these days. In this regard, Baran Geotechnics define the strategies in three short term, midterm and long term levels. Summation of these strategies are presented in the prospect of Baran Geotechnics, in order to offering better services to clients.


Since the establishment, the physical and mental health of personnel has been one of the most important priority of this company. Regarding to natural hazards in the civil projects, Baran Geotechnics tried to make sure about exact performance of instructions and health of the personnel. The aim of considering the safety, health and environmental issues, is to determine all the affecting problems on safety and prevention from accidents, property damage and occupational diseases in the projects.

Contact with University

The relationship between university and industry, is the missing link for the countries progress. Despite all the efforts, this aim is not completely come true yet. Regarding to this problem and the academic background of the company managers, Baran Geotechnics efforts to maintain the relationship with university and utilization of its capacity in several ways such as soil improvement, excavation stabilization, laboratory and in- situ tests, and onshore, near shore and offshore geotechnical surveys.